What is NFAC, and what does it stand for?

NFAC is an acronym for ‘Ninety’s Features, Advice & Communication’. Despite the long name, we’re a small, friendly team of people who share the same passion of online business and want to help others where we can too. Although blogging isn’t our main trade, we love side projects, and so NFAC was born.

What does aim to do?

There are more and more businesses getting online and building their web presence every day. The difficulty is balancing your business needs and marketing/promotional time and money. We’re here to provide free advice on how you can grow your business on the web and provide plenty of tips and links that you can put into practice without too much effort.

It’s not just about those companies and ventures that are new to the web though; we also appeal to established businesses, both in the UK and across the world. We aim to provide something for everyone, and we hope that even if certain posts and concepts are already familiar to you, you’ll find them useful for juniors, newbies and non-technical clients.

What makes us different?

The vast majority of business blogs out there look to large, billion-pound corporations for business and marketing advice and best practices. Whilst these are interesting to observe and know about, to us this is as crazy as looking at the architectural plans of Buckingham Palace to help you design a kids’ wendy house. It’s so far removed from what the average business can accomplish, and this creates a disheartening tone for people who feel they’ve failed because they don’t have 20,000 followers on Twitter or don’t have a team of a hundred people just to handle their marketing.

We offer advice that anyone can adopt at any time, no mattter how small their business and how little they have in the way of resources. All you need is a budget of £50 a month, a computer, and an internet connection.

How can I get involved?

We’re always looking for contributors, so please drop us an email if you’ve created anything useful you want to promote or you have an idea for a post. All suggestions are very gratefully received!


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